Birthday Parties Hosted By Gridders Cheerleading


Open to all ages!

Birthday Parties run for 2 hours, you may arrive 15 minutes early to set up. 

Please ask all athletes to bring their own water bottle, labelled with their name.


5 minutes - Go through the rules of the gym, where the washrooms are etc. 

25 minutes- Many socially distant games that the birthday girl/boy would like to play. 

10 minutes - Stretching/ Water break

25 minutes- Tumbling! (Cartwheels, Forward Rolls, Roundoffs, etc). 

10 minutes- Jumps and creating a cheer or dance

20 minutes- Craft, we have three options for the craft for you to choose from! 

15 minutes- Opening gifts (Or more games if you do not want to open gifts). 

10 minutes- Socially distant games.


Any remaining time will be filled with more games, or a mini-routine if the birthday girl or boy wishes!



8 or less children attending the birthday party - $125.00


What is included in the Price?

  • Set Up & Clean up

  • Craft 

  • Birthday loot bag for every child at the party

  • A birthday button for the Birthday Girl/ Boy

  • Lots of Games

  • Learning some Cheerleading Basics

  • One Cheer Coach

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