Recreational Cheerleading is designed to teach athletes the basics of cheerleading. Safe stunting and introduction to choreography are two of the main focuses in recreational cheerleading. No experience is required in the recreational program. After developing the basic skills in the recreational cheerleading program, athletes will be ready to train in a more structured, skill-focused program. A perfect fit for those who want to try cheer before entering the competitive program!

We are offering 4 Recreational Programs for the 2020-2021 Season:


The competitive program offers athletes a more structured, skill-focused environment. Competitive programs are available for athletes born in 2001-2016.  All athletes will make a competitive team based on age, experience and ability.   Athletes do not need to have experience in cheerleading in order to enter the competitive program. 

Team Placements are usually held in in the beginning of June.  For the 2020.2021 season placements will be held in July and August.  If you have missed team placements, and are interested in joining the competitive program should contact our coaching staff by emailing or using our contact form!

Our competitive teams for 2020.2021 are below:

U6  |  Baby G's  (Formerly Tiny Novice)

U8  |  Rush  (Formerly Mini)

U12  |  Blitz  (Formerly Youth Prep)

U12  |  Spike  (Formerly Youth)

U17  |  Gridiron (Formerly Junior)

U19  |  TBA  (Formerly Senior)


As part of our cheerleading program, we offer supplemental tumbling classes to enhance athletes’ tumbling skills. Flexibility and conditioning are also areas of focus in these classes, which enable our athletes to better execute their skills, giving them a competitive edge in their routines.

Tumbling classes are also offered to athletes who are not enrolled in any cheerleading class.  


Pom is a team that involves dance elements, sharp arm movements, and of course the use of poms!  

We offer four competitive Pom programs:

U6 Pom  (Formerly Tiny)

U9 Pom (Formerly Mini)

U12 Pom (Formerly Youth)

U19 Pom (Formerly Senior)

We also offer a Combo Class which is our pom recreational class (see above).

The time commitment for Pom is less than cheer.  Practices consist of one practice a week.  

Athletes are placed on team based on age and ability.  Athletes interested in our Pom Program can email for more information ( or register by clicking below!