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Gridder Cheer offers competitive, non-competitive, and recreational classes for ages 3+.


Find a program that fits you!

  • Recreational Cheer & Recreational Tumbling

  • Non-Competitive Tumbling

  • Combo Class (Dance & Tumble)

  • Flexibility & Fitness (Competitive & Non-Competitive)

  • Competitive Cheerleading & Tumbling​

  • Competitive Performance Cheer (Dance)


Tumbling classes are offered to both competitive and non-competitive athletes. 


Tumbling classes are great for non-competitive athletes who wish to try out our sport without fully committing to our competitive program, or as a supplemental class for other sports.  Whether you are in dance, synchronized swimming, gymnastics, hockey, Taekwondo, football, or another sport - a tumbling class is a great cross-training activity!  Build strength and body awareness with one of our tumbling classes.


See our Tumbling page for specific classes that meet your current ability level!


The competitive program offers athletes a more structured, skill-focused environment. Competitive programs are available for athletes born in 2001-2018.  All athletes will make a competitive team based on age, experience and ability.   Athletes do not need to have experience in cheerleading in order to enter the competitive program. 

Competitive programs are offered for both Cheer & Performance Cheer (also known as Pom).  Athletes can compete in both programs.  Discounts are offered to these crossover athletes.

Team Placements are usually held in June.  Individual Team Placements run throughout the summer.  If you have missed team placements, and are interested in joining the competitive program, contact our coaching staff by emailing or using our contact form!  You can also sign up by using the link below.

Competitive Cheerleading

Our competitive teams for 2023.2024 are below:

U6  Novice  |  Baby G's  (Formerly Tiny Novice)

Mondays 4:00-5:30PM

Include 15 min Snack break

U6  Prep  |  Kickoff  (Formerly Tiny Prep)

Thursdays 4:00-5:00PM

U8  Prep  |  Scrimmage (Formerly Mini Prep)

Wednesdays 4:15-6:15PM

U8  |  Spiral (Formerly Mini)

Tuesdays 4:00-5:00PM AND Thursdays 4:45-5:00PM

U12  Prep  |  Blitz  (Formerly Youth Prep)

Tuesdays  4:45-6:15PM

U12  |  Rush  (Formerly Youth)

Mondays AND Wednesdays 6:00-7:15PM

U12  |  Spike  (Formerly Youth)

Tuesdays AND Thursdays 6:45-8:15PM

U16  |  Tackle (Formerly Junior)

Mondays AND Wednesdays 7:00-8:30PM

U18  |  Lady G's  (Formerly Senior)

Tuesdays AND Thursdays 8:00-9:45PM

For practice times and fees, please see our registration handbook.

Competitive Performance Cheer (POM)

Pom is a discipline that involves dance elements, sharp arm movements, and of course the use of poms!  Great for those who love to dance and compete!

Athletes are able to compete on a cheer team and a pom team.  Discounts are offered to these athletes.  

Our competitive teams for 2023.2024 are below:

U6 Pom  |  Motion (Formerly Tiny)

 Thursdays 5:30-6:15PM

U8 Pom  |  Formation (Formerly Mini)

Wednesdays 4:00- 5:00PM

U12 Pom  |  Endzone (Formerly Youth)

Thursdays 6:00-7:00PM

U16 Pom  |  Touchdown  (Formerly Junior)

Tuesdays 5:45-7:00PM

Open Pom  |  Halftime 


The time commitment for Pom is less than cheer.  Practices consist of one practice a week.  

Athletes are placed on a team based on age and ability.  Athletes interested in our Pom Program can email for more information ( or register by clicking below!

For practice times and fees, please see our registration handbook.

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