This is Coach Matlyn’s first year coaching with us, but it feels like she’s been doing it forever. She’s organized, reliable and easy going. Coach Matlyn never appears frustrated, always remaining calm and showing her resilient nature. She can explain skills many different ways and has confidence in her instruction. She adapts to coaching many different ages from our Baby G’s to her older tumbling athletes. She’s kind, caring, easy to talk to and fun to be around. It’s hard to imagine our gym without her.

Coach In Training 

Matlyn Bulych


Ali is new to our coaching staff - and what a great addition she is! Her contagious laughter fills the gym and makes everyone around her feel relaxed and happy. Ali is great with our little ones, always around to help tie a shoe or find their place on the mat. She’s an amazing dancer and can break down skills and explain them in an easy and fun way. And dance parties with Coach Ali are just the best! She is kind, generous, and thoughtful. She will always put others before herself and will lend a hand whenever needed. Ali is creative, energetic, and a blast to be around - we’re so lucky she decided to join our staff!

 Coach In Training 

Ali Rusnak

You can find Coach Avery in the gym 5 days a week: coaching, training, and dancing. Her soft smile and calm nature make her athletes feel welcome and at ease. She’s an analytical thinker who can break down skills and explain them in a step by step format. She’s versatile as an athlete and a coach, able to sub into any team or coach any class needed. She’s always around to lend a hand, volunteer her time, or stop for a visit. She’s kind, caring and responsible and we’re lucky to have her. links, or connect data from your collection.


Avery McIntyre


Hailey Watrych

Coach In Training

You can feel Coach Hailey’s energy the minute she walks into the gym. She immediately makes everyone feel happy and welcome the moment they walk through the door. Hailey will talk to anyone who will listen to her, and wants everyone to feel included. She laughs often, and is the first to volunteer to act silly and have fun. She loves to play games, and will go to any length to make her athletes smile. The gym is a happier place when Coach Hailey is around.


Alexa Wagner

Coach In Training 

Coach Alexa coaches our Tiny Novice Baby G’s and we can’t think of a more perfect person to work with them! She’s patient, funny, and loves to play games. You’ll often see her on the floor, kneeling with the littles, listening to the best stories! She’s also an amazing athlete, training four days a week on multiple teams. Her knowledge of skills and technique guide her coaching as she passes her expertise on to her athletes. We love Alexa’s kind nature, her smile, and her sense of humour. Her confidence and independence make her a real asset to our gym.

Drew Hubred

Coach in Training

Coach Drew has been coaching with us for a few years now, and continues to grow her skills as a leader in our gym. She’s a phenomenal athlete who uses her knowledge of skills and technique in her coaching. She’s responsible - someone you can rely on in any situation. She’s always willing to help out around the gym, frequently asking what she can do to make our lives easier. Drew greets everyone who walks through the gym doors. She’s thoughtful, kind, outgoing, and super fun to be around. And she brings the best snacks on road trips! 

Meagan Norton


Coach In Training

Coach Meagan has been coaching for a few years now and we’re really excited to see her growth and confidence! She is leading our Recreational Program this year, and doing a great job! Meagan trains Monday-Thursday and then coaches all evening on Friday - busy is an understatement for this young lady! She’s an amazing athlete who has no fear when it comes to tumbling! She fills the gym with laughter and has the rare ability to laugh at herself. We love Meagan for her kind nature, her warm smile, and her goofy personality.

Brittney Kemp

Brittney Coach.jpg

Coach In Training

Coach Brittney just started coaching this year, but she’s a natural! Her fun bubbly personality makes every practice fun! Brittney coaches our rec program and has great rapport with her athletes. She’ll jump in and play games, and isn’t afraid to act silly! Coach Brittney cheers on two teams, and still finds time to coach. She’s kind, caring, and fun to be around. We love having Coach Brittney on staff and can’t wait to see her grow as a coach!

Jen Ingham

Head Coach

Coach Ingham is the mastermind who created our program. We appreciate all the work she does for our club. She works day and night between being an amazing teacher and an amazing leader to our program. She makes everyone feel so loved and so welcomed all the time. She is talented in so many ways and is always there when you need to chat. Coach Ingham wants what is best for her athletes and her co-coaches. She loves her Gridder family just as much as she loves her cats!


Shayna Kemp


She’s fun, organized, and one of the kindest people you’ll meet! Coach Shayna has a way of making everyone around her feel special and loved. She’s a role model for every athlete in our gym, from our Baby to Lady G’s. Coach Shayna is especially great with our little ones. It’s no secret she is an amazing elementary school teacher too! For Coach Shayna, coaching is more than marking her hours on her timesheet. She makes an effort to ensure each practice is special and fun. She is always organizing a craft or activity for our gym, and will spend countless hours helping our gym run smoothly. It’s safe to say we wouldn’t function without Coach Shayna!


Caelan Dombroski


Coach Caelan is an integral part of our cheer program. She has a wealth of knowledge on high level skills and is our tumbling guru. Caelan has the ability to make all our social media accounts look professional and attractive, and is our in house photographer. She coaches our Gridiron team as well as many tumbling classes. She is kind and caring towards her athletes and always brings something new and fun to practice. She loves to laugh and joke at practice, and is looked up to by all our athletes. Caelan is easy to talk to and is a great listener. Caelan is always volunteering her time to make our gym function, and we 100% could not do it without her!



Kaely Neibrandt

You'll know the minute Coach Kaely steps into the gym because she's the loudest person we know!  She has a way of making everyone around her feel special and acknowledged.  Coach Kaely makes Performance Cheer fun and will keep you laughing all the way through practice.  She enjoys challenges, but also loves to have fun.  We're so lucky to be dancing through life with Coach Kaely leading the way!